Archeologists: are they a relic from a past era?

Archaeology had its heyday in the late 19th and the early 20th Century. The field was not even well defined or established back then. That was the period when many amazing places in different parts of the world were being discovered and investigated. Part of the popularity of the field was the hint of adventure and exploration that it gives to those who wanted to try it out.

The places of discovery were usually in exotic locations in distant parts of the world. Getting there is not the easiest thing. The work of exploration itself was  also a gruelling task that could pose a major problem to even the most able bodied person. There was also the lure of mystery and knowledge that would have been difficult for anyone to resist.

It is not surprising therefore that archaeological discoveries back then, were greeted with a lot more fanfare than today. People were drawn to it. Here are some of the more important archaeological discoveries of that period:

Troy- The location of the ancient city of Troy, which was recorded in the ancient Greek epic, has been lost to modern man until the adventurer and archaeological pioneer   Heinrich Schliemann set out to find it. He made some mistakes along the way but his main discovery was correct.

Angkor Wat- This ancient temple city of the Khmer empire is one of the largest religious complexes in the world. It is now one of Cambodia’s jewels.

Tutankhamen’s Tomb-  The tale of the discovery of this pharaoh’s tomb could have been a plot for an Indiana Jones’ movie. The discovery also fuelled a craze for things connected with Egypt at that time which made its influence felt on most of the Western world.

These are just some of the amazing archaeological discoveries that made the whole world a captive audience. The problem is that now, some people feel that there are no longer discoveries as interesting as those to be made. These people believe that the archaeologists who look for relics from the past have become obsolete themselves, is it time to call the removalists on archaeologists?

That kind of thinking couldn’t be more wrong though. Archaeology is here to stay and it will never become completely obsolete. Sure, there would be few discoveries as astonishing as Tutankhamen’s Tomb, but there are other equally interesting finds out there waiting for the right person to uncover them.

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