Recent archaeological dig sites

Archaeological digs are funded and carried out by different institutions. Mostly, these are schools, some are scientific societies, there are government agencies taxed with researching the field and sometimes there are individuals who have enough fund to carry out their own digs. Sometimes it would last for several months and even years, but there have been times when it was limited to a few days mostly because of some factor surrounding the area.

Recent Archaeological Digs- There is little doubt as to how exciting archaeology can be. It’s all about finding traces of ancient civilizations and how people lived. Life on the dig might not be so glamorous , as how it is portrayed in the movies. Archaeologists are not fighting villains and they are more likely to handle a trowel and brush than a whip like Indiana Jones. Despite that fact, archaeology is exciting just as we have mentioned but it can bring a different thrill.

That is exactly the kind of rush that researchers felt in the resort island of Bali in Indonesia just recently. Researchers found an ancient Hindu temple there that goes back to several centuries. The local researchers said that the initial dig uncovered a very large stone that was buried three feet underground. They recognized that the stone was the kind used for building large structures so they continued their excavation.

Further digging into the same area revealed a structure that is 57 meters long which is believed to be the foundation of an ancient Hindu temple. The pieces of artefacts and structure are still in the process of being analysed but experts are confident that it belongs to the period from 13th to 15th Century. This finding is very promising because its size indicates that it could probably the biggest Hindu temple to be uncovered yet in the vast Indonesian archipelago. The islands making up Indonesia today were heavily influenced by Hinduism from the Indian subcontinent.

That’s another discovery in Asia which is revealing some of the major archaeological finds in recent years. Not long ago it was discovered in India that another Hindu temple there contained a treasury that holds a wealth that was bigger than the reserves of most countries.

There would be very few archaeological discoveries that would be as massive as that to surprise the world, but you can bet that there are still plenty of sites around the globe that could be very interesting and could attract our curiosities just as well.

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